The National Profilers Association (NPA) is changing behavioral profiling for the better.  Each day our members face complex criminal cases, tough counter-terror missions and tight budgets.  As a result of our common challenges, our  members decided to work together to become more skilled and to improve our profession through refined training, standards and certification.  NPA is dedicated to helping you be the best behavioral analyst you can possibly be.


How Can We Help You Succeed?


Joining NPA will help you stay ahead of your peers and competitors and stay abreast of the latest developments in criminal and national defense profiling and law enforcement intelligence behavioral analysis. Here are some of the servcies we provide that may be of interest to you (costs are individual program-dependent):


  • Six levels of law enforcement and national defense intelligence profiling certifications.  Only NPA is open to the general public


  • On-line education through our Behavioral Forensics Institute


  • Career development leading to improved earnings and promotion opportunities


  • Job placement and employer recognition (now and in the future)


  • Exposure to industry experts and mentors


  • Training and annual conferences

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